We gathered feedbacks from attendants of NiPHEC 2013. Below is a summary of what they had to say.

NiPHEC gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with the international professionals we can’t just come-by on the Nigeria road. It boosted my conviction and confidence as a photographer. I definitely got better and exposed to a more excellent way of expressing my imagination in frames- Temitope.

NiPHEC added a lot to me. It was an eye opener. It added more knowledge to me, and It widened my thinking- Fidelis

I was able to learn my rights as a photographer at NiPHEC; things I should accept and shouldn’t  accept from my clients. I learnt how to understand my clients and give them more than what they expect. Also, it increased my lighting skills by the combination of video light with flash guns. I met with new and skillful photographers also- Tunde.

NiPHEC was an eye opener. I learnt to leave the local league to start training for the bigger leagues. Also learnt that learning doesn’t stop- Anthony

As a female photographer in a male-dominated field, coming to NiPHEC 2013 helped me to be more confident and believe in my dreams. I acquired a lot of old, new, simple and complex skills of taking good shots. I also learnt how to use natural light to my advantage and how to manage my business, get the right clients, manage them and get the job done WELL. Attending the conference also helped me to know that I’m not alone in this field as a female. I met and networked with a lot of photographers, a lot of whom have been my friend and which I can call on anytime I need help- Taiwo

NiPHEC was my first ever contact with professional photography. I didnt have any camera then, & it was d beginning of my career as a photographer. However, i was so glad because I learnt a lot about the basics i needed to move forward. It inspired me to push myself to learn more, realising it was much more technical than I thought. As to networking, 80% of the photographers I know now was through NiPHEC. I met the seniors in the industry and heard what was happening and ultimately decided that THIS IS HOW I WANT TO ROLL- Grace

NiPHEC was an eye opener for me on the effectiveness of blogging as a photographer, I am very happy it happened in Nigeria because it afforded me the opportunity to interact with other photographers- Gabriel


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