Before you fill this registration form, make sure you’ve paid the registration fee into the designated Diamond Bank account (0060967085, Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference Enterprises). Payment by April 22 attracts a 15% discount off the registration fee of N10,000; hence the total to be paid by April 22 will be N8,500).

After payment has been made, you can proceed to fill the form by clicking HERE.

If you’re having any challenges in registering or if you’ll like to register for more participants after you’ve filled the form above, kindly send us a mail at register@elophotos.com or call us on 08028599886 , 08028629706 or 08036105170

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  1. I think everyone registering should have a pass or material to show for registration…@ the venue.

    • All you need is to let us know your full name and business name and you should get your pass within a few minutes of arrival at the venue. If you’ve registered, we’ll have all your information

  2. DVDs of all the workshops should be available, if not all, @ least 90% of the workshops!

    • Dvds will be available for all sessions except Joe Mcnally’s & Damien’s premium session

      • are they for free?

  3. First, What happens if after registering, you intend to make a change to a particular session. E.g say from ECP to FAP having taken advantage of the 50% discount.
    Secondly, are there any age limits to the RNG session and how does one go about registration on someone’s behalf or would it be done at the venue?
    Thirdly, are attendees expected to come along with any materials especially for hands-on sessions. If yes does unavailability of such materials make the attendee left out during the sessions/ other arrangements are going to be made available for that?

    Above all, kudos to eLoPhotos and the entire NiPhec team for this programme.
    With attendance over past events, you have proven a great deal.
    I anticipate my expectations would be met once again.

    • If you’ll like to swap classes, you’ll be entitled to do that without penalty before April 1st regardless of when you registered.

      Regarding the RNG class, the condition for registering is that the participants be in primary, secondary school or recent graduate of secondary schools. Its aimed towards aged 8-19 and you can register for someone by sending their details to info@niphec.com. It is important to register before the date as spaces for this class is limited and we can’t guaranty a space for anyone wanting to register for it at the venue.

      For most of the sessions, you won’t be needing more than you camera equipment. Most of the demonstrations will be performed by the facilitator and it might not be too convenient for each student to bring their studio lights, for example. Writing pads and any other basic resources (as necessary) would be provided. Any special requirements will be communicated to participants as more information unfolds.

      We look forward to hosting you at NiPHEC 2013

  4. How am mine suppose to know how much to pay for each session or per course and how long does it takes to get the cert.

    • Kindly browse through the seminars avaialble at http://www.niphec.com/seminars and choose the ones you feel you can attend. The certificates should be ready within 2 weeks after the conference. We look forward to hosting you at NiPHEC

  5. i commend your team for this fantastic initiative. if i do register now with my details and i am unable to go for any reason, can i give the pass/ticket/space to someone else to utilize?

    • Thanks for writing. You won’t be ale to transfer your registration to a third party except you notify us on or before April 22, 2013. We do hope you’ll be able to make it though and look forward to hosting you.

  6. For those of us unable to attend because we are in a different state. Can we order for the DVD’s and get it delivered?

    • Thanks for writing. You’ll be able to order the dvd and have them delivered to you anyway in the world for a small extra token. Would let you know the details by the conference.

  7. pls i want 2 confirm amount of the money, how much the price of the programme i dont no, form and registration, Let me no d price

  8. Are we entitled to DVD’s once we register?

  9. am i entitled to the dvds of the course i registered for for free?

    • No, you’re not entitled to them. DVDs of any course you attend will still cost you N1,000 extra.

  10. Please are the DVDs available only for those that attend the sessions?

    • DVDs are available to everyone that attend the conference and to those that cant attend also. although someone will have to physically place an order for it for you to get your (or you can email your order also)

      • Ok, thanks.

  11. Sorry i got this info late, so i dint prepare for it…plz where can i get the DVDs? Cos i will Love to partake of this too…

  12. I am yet to get my registration detailsLa

    • Sorry for the delay. I believe you should have gotten it by now. Looking forward to hosting you at NiPHEC

  13. Hi there,
    Pls can I get directions to the venue. How do I get there, let’s say I’m driving from LTV.

  14. Am so happy for the way you took care of my problem. You are the best.

  15. The amount for the course are not included or where is it placed?

  16. Am really looking forward to this.

  17. Hello sir my name is TEYO D. Pls can I get directions to the venue. How do I get there,date and time b’cos am coming from aguda surulere lagos

  18. What about those that love to partake but for now can not afford to pay for the seminar is there any opportunity for such. pls this is a personal request, because I wish to attend but am very rich now and am trying to avoid embarrassment.

  19. I am looking forward to a wonderful seminar


  21. Please i need more clarification on d 1 dat hold in ilorin…

  22. I want to be their to improve my profession and chat with other colleagues

  23. Nice

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