8 Reasons Why You Should Attend Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference (NiPHEC)

1) As a photographer, there are over 20 seminars you can choose from to help upgrade your expertise. Visit www.niphec.com/seminars to make a selection. Register before Feb 28 & Save 20%

2) As a makeup artist, there’s a class designed for you to help take better & more professional pictures of your finished work so you wouldn’t need the services of a photographer as often as you presently do. Visit www.niphec.com/seminars to view details of the class

3) As someone in need of the services of a photographer (and that should be everybody), you’ll have the opportunity to view the works & exhibitions of top photographers in the country and ultimately patronize them. Registering to attend the exhibitions would only cost you about 10 minutes of your time. Visit www.niphec.com for details

4) As an organization that sell photography-related products/services, there’s no better place to meet over 4000 of your potential clients. You can register as an exhibitor

5) As someone who wants to network and meet hundreds of professionals practicing successfully in the industry, there’s no better place to meet them. From Ty Bello to Kelechi Amadi-Obi, it will indeed be a gathering of legends

6) For someone who is presently jobless and considering Photography as a career, NiPHEC will be the perfect place to learn how to start and test the photography waters

7) For photographers who want to exhibit or sell their works to a photography-loving audience, there’s no better place than NiPHEC

8) For those that have beautiful pictures of Naija Places & People and think any of the pictures can win a whopping N300k cash prize, entering the NiPHEC Photo Contest will be a great platform to showcase your works & be financially rewarded simultaneously

There’s something in it for almost everyone. The revolution begins April 29

Whatever you do, don’t miss it. You have nothing to loose when you visit www.niphec.com


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