And the winners of the Nikon-NiPHEC Photo Contest are….

So it took us a while to actually go through the comments and votes to be sure who the “most-voted-for” pictures are. And the winners of the Nikon-NiPHEC Photo Contest are:

1st Position:   NiPHEC Contest (159)
2nd Position: NiPHEC Contest (130)
3rd Position:  NiPHEC Contest (12)

A couple of pictures were disqualified because voters cheated by voting more than once on a picture (in one scenario, one voter voted 30 times). It is important to note that winners were chosen strictly based on the votes of the public. Although many have argued that this isnt the best way to decide which pictures are great, we feel its a good place to start. Subsequent years’ contest will have better air-tight guidelines & rules. Winners should try to be present before the opening ceremony of NiPHEC on April 29, 2013. For more details, send us a mail at

The following “next 5” most voted for pictures will be receiving complimentary passes to attend 2 seminars of their choice (excluding Joe McNally’s Seminars) at the forthcoming conference.

4th Position: NiPHEC Contest (119)
5th Position: NiPHEC Contest (110)
6th Position: NiPHEC Contest (21)
7th Position: NiPHEC Contest (152)
8th Position: NiPHEC Contest (112)

ALL contestants should endeavor to send high resolution files of their entries (without watermarks) to so we could print high quality pictures for exhibition at the conference. You can still register to take a seminar at NiPHEC. Click here fore more details. Keep shooting great pictures.


3 Replies to “And the winners of the Nikon-NiPHEC Photo Contest are….”

  1. This was a complete farce and totally reeks of the Nigerian factor; you shouldn’t bring up new rules that weren’t there before.
    You should just have stuck with what you said initially. INTEGRITY – stick with what you said initially.

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